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100% WOOL

Dokumentarfilm - Fertiggestellt

Ort, Jahr: TR/D, 2009
Länge: 15 Min.
Buch & Regie: Johanna Domke
Kamera: Cem Öztufekci
Schnitt: Angelika von Chamier
Musik: Bilgehan Özis
Produktion: Cem Öztufekci

100% WOOL is a portrait of the old weaver Hacik Goya, who is affected by current city development on the historic peninsula in Istanbul. The film points out present decentralization measurements and combines two locations in Istanbul: the Büyük Valide Han in Eminönü, an old production and trading building from the Byzantine times and Tekstil Kent a vast new trading site at the outskirts of Istanbul. Since the municipality attempts to relocate production from the inner city many of Goya´s colleagues had to give up their productions. Hacik Goya today aged 81, refused any attempts to relocate his workshop until today. The film sets focus on global market strategies and its effect on city development and thus the resonance in the personal sphere.

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